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When they enter the air, they react with other elements to produce ozone, which causes air pollution and a host of health issues including breathing problems, headache, burning, watery eyes and nausea. It can also cause a range of other problems, such as ear and throat infections, respiratory distress in young infants, sleep apnea and snoring, and interference with children's hearing and speech development. It also helps protect our skin from UV rays that can cause freckles, brown spots and discoloration on delicate facial skin. This helps in overcoming the fungi associated illnesses that can be very critical to the health of an individual. The low-VOC paints aren't yet used on all car coatings, and of course this does nothing to reduce the massive amounts of VOCs emitted by driving the car, but every little bit helps. Learn more about the low-VOC designation and other environmentally friendly alternatives on the next page. Find out more about the makeup of paint on the next page.

Some of the most harmful chemicals found in paint are volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Replacing the oil-based solvent doesn't rid a paint of harmful chemicals entirely, though. That's because the solvent (a liquid) is designed to evaporate quickly, leaving only the pigment and its binder (the solids) behind on your walls. Solvents: sometimes called carrier or thinner, keep the paint in liquid form, making it easier to apply. These chemicals aren't something you want to spray on your body or potentially even keep inside your house. On the next page, find out what a mother in recovery can do to keep getting better. Getting clean and sober during pregnancy -- even if it's late in the game -- is better than not doing it at all. But have you ever considered what else we could be doing with our poop and pee? While angioplasty and bypass surgery have similar long-term outcomes and mortality rates, you're more likely to need a repeat procedure with an angioplasty. To tackle child obesity, strategies will need to adopt a broader focus that includes children’s physical, social, and emotional health. If the baby does survive the mother's drug abuse, he may be born prematurely, with fetal alcohol syndrome (a condition caused by exposure to alcohol and characterized by facial deformities, central nervous system disruption and slowed mental and physical development) or with other health and mental issues.

Also ask how the air-conditioning system is maintained and how often it is cleaned (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends twice-yearly cleanings of large systems). Will her health care provider report her to the authorities? Some states, such as Iowa, Minnesota and North Dakota, require health care providers to test for and report the drug use balance of nature pregnant women. UT Counseling and Mental Health Center. The correct medical requirements can provide peace of mind that the feline is not exposed to infections and diseases that would otherwise have a drastic impact on long term pet health. A health care provider will need to understand the woman's medical history and mental state thoroughly to weigh the risks of potential treatments versus the benefits. Are you of the opinion that mineral water has health benefits that regular water does not? There are many things that a recovering addict can do to help prevent a relapse. There was a sense that real progress was being made toward achieving HEAL goals, but funders also stressed the need for realistic expectations regarding the pace of change.

But there is a way to help stressed kids. However, by seeking help with her addiction, she may save her baby's life. Exercise can also help your body to flush out toxins. In the last decade, chi kung practices have become so popular that they have moved out of the traditional confines of the martial arts studios and traditional Chinese medicine and become more mainstream. Out of seven clinical trials, only the Cambridge Heart Antioxidant Study found that vitamin E supplements provided beneficial effects in preventing cardiac events in people with heart disease, and that study appeared to have some design flaws that may have influenced the results. For example, some selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as Zoloft and Prozac, have been linked to fetal heart and lung defects but are still considered for pregnant women because the risk of these defects is relatively low. In most cases, women do well with 6 ft mats, while men might have to find some that are a bit longer. Today you can find several versions of low-sodium cheese at the supermarket. You can get vitamin E through nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables, and vegetable oils (such as soybean, canola, and corn).

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